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The Truth Keeper Project

by admin last modified Oct 14, 2009 07:37 PM

Welcome to the Truth Keeper Project!


The mission of the Truth Keeper project is the discernment and preservation of Truth for all who desire to know



The current state of the world is poor. People are resource constrainted due to over population stimulating much competition. The methods used to compete are numerous. Many are unethical, dishonest, violent, opportunistic, deceitful, and parasitic. others employ cartel networks, syndicates, political parties, employment in the legal system, etc. to obtain a position of power over others expressly for purposes of personal advantage. Only a small number of people actually succeed at attaining success by being very good at their profession. For a large number, the path to success lies in the domain of all the items listed above. Advertising is important as a tool for getting the word out. Advertisements make many claims. Which claims are true and which are false? Political campaigning is the biggest form of advertising that there is. What is true and what is false about the statements and claims candidates make? The Truth Keeper Project aspires to discern the truth of these claims and provide that assessment for present times and posterity.


Current Sub-Projects

The TruthKeeper Think Tank Sub-Project (T4) - the goal is to recruit parties to form a Think Tank panel which is willing to commit itself to uphold the mission of the project and its requirements (yet to be published).

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